Anon Answers

I’ve gotten quite a few anons the past week and most of them are saying the same three things

1. Why are you deleting?
I’m spending too much time on this website and apart from the occasional nice anon its mainly bringing me down. I’ve done more the last week than I would’ve had in a month when I was on tumblr. So I decided to quit

3. Can’t you atleast finish the 100HappyDays Challenge?
I will consider keep doing it onĀ my twitter

2. I’ll miss you, can we keep in touch?
You can ask for my skype in private message, I won’t publish it

And to the rest of the anons, just thank you, you know who you are

Also, I’ve made tumblr send me email when I get asks, so it wont take too much time for me to answer them now, but I won’t update this or any of my other blogs